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After interviewing and learning from many successful people including entertainers,
athletes and businessmen, Teen Success Programs was founded for the sole purpose of
getting this much needed information to teens today.   As the Founders expanded their
research of success, more and more often it was said "If only we knew this when we
were teens!!!

We have done several presentations to schools, introducing some of the key success
concepts to teens.  We found that almost all teens desired this information and not only
craving for this information but starving for it.   Most teens wanted to know more.   

Our survey to teens shows clearly, teens are concerned and confused as to how they
will transition to adult life and be successful.  They know this information is missing
and have nowhere to attain it, understand it, let alone build powerful  friendships and
networks  to work out their future.  

After conducting surveys with teens about their concerns for their future and how to
prepare for it, we are more committed than ever to provide the Teen Success Programs!

What is  alarming on the survey results is the fact that 75%  of teens said less than 3
hours was spent in the school year on how to prepare for the school.  The highest
number of hours reported was 7 hours.   Yet most people spend way more time on the
decision for their car.   This is the most important decision of your teen's life and yet
there is minimal education on how to make this decision, nor any focus or emphasis
provided to today's teen.   

Over 90% of teens surveyed said they are not learning life skills.   This is backed up by
a parent's survey who felt that their teen does not have life skills.  100% of teens
surveyed said they want to gain self-confidence.  The Teens Success Weekend has a full  
module specific to these topics and has your teen working on these items through the
weekend event.         

Over 90% of teens felt they would not be able to find a job after completing
post-secondary education.   The Teen Success Weekend has a module dedicated to help
your teen 'brand' themselves and how to use social media to help attract jobs.

Teen Success Programs is design specifically to educate teens and parents of teens the
processes, mindset, beliefs and actions to take for teens to find their purpose, passion,
develop key life skills, understand finance and start to build their future success.

Teen Success Programs provides the networking ability for like minded teens who want
to be successful, to find other like minded teens to help each other towards success.  We
found in our survey that 35% of teens wanted to have better friends.  This is key to
their success.

Teen Success Programs is unique in that teens will be helping other teens to be
successful by providing the training, education, systems, processes and networking
to do so.
Your Teen Is Great!   Let's Focus On Their Future Success!!
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