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St. Mary
Thomas R.                
I liked the presentation, because it got through to me and I learned that I should go after my passion as soon as i possibly can.
  Ryan K.                    
"Now is the prime time to start looking for your passion and finding out what you want to make a career of".  What I liked best about today's
presentation is the overall motivation and power in the presentation - it never got boring."
  Jessica C                   
"I will think about my passion -think about finishing my songs and maybe send a demo cd and putting videos on youtube."
St. Thomas the
Brianna P                  
"Thank you for coming and sharing with us - your passion for what you do, you have inspired me to find my passion too."
Saltfleet District
High School
Kassidy D                 
"I am going to start thinking about my passion and my life goals.   I liked how everyone got to participate and find out what inspires us."
  Jessica M                  
"I learned to be yourself, start thinking about my future and try my best and not to let anybody bring me down.   I will think abut my future about
being a cosmotologist.
  Salinek G                  
"  I learned that I should start thinking about my future and actually take it seriously.  I loved it because it is true - I have to start thinking today,
don't ever wait for tomorrow!
  Janet L                      
"I learned that I should not be afraid of failure and never give up on my dreams.  Everyone fails and every time you fail its just a lesson learned.  I will
continue to think about what it is that I want to be when I grow up and what I know I am passionate about.  I liked how inspirational  the presentation
Some Comments from the Students